Making It Real

Virtual modeling enables us to explore design ideas in a format that clients readily appreciate


structural consulting

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Structural Consulting

Structural consulting and civil engineering in Santa Barbara and surrounding areas

Value Engineering - Construction Savings

If there are to be any significant savings, they will be found in the details of the project. How is something to be built? Can it be built differently to reduce the cost without sacrificing design, quality, or safety? Which details are costly? Which offer better value? Asking key questions throughout the design process often results in considerable construction savings.

The Power of 3D - Fewer Change Orders

Modeling in 3D enables us to produce designs that are more constructible, create plans that are more accurate, and better illustrate design ideas to clients, typically resulting in fewer change orders throughout the course of the project.

3D Modeling and Documentation Server

While not required, working remotely on our server allows design professionals to share the workload, resulting in a more streamlined process.

Construction Support

No matter how detailed the plans, there is no substitute for on-site support once the project begins.

WINDWARD engineering


Construction Documents

We support the design team in many capacities, including the creation of construction docs


Stormwater Systems 

Rising concerns over water quality increase the need for stormwater system design, even for the smallest of projects